Our beverage companies and community-based partners continue to make great progress supporting Americans in their efforts to reduce the sugar they consume from beverages. We’re driving more innovation and marketing of lower- and zero-sugar beverages and smaller portion sizes than ever before. Today, nearly 60% of all beverages sold nationally contain zero sugar.

The latest independent analysis, which looked at 2020 data, showed the strongest results to date for our landmark effort to reduce calories consumed from beverages by 2025. Halfway into the Balance Calories Initiative, calories per person are down 10% since the 2014 baseline. This means we are on track to achieve our commitment of reducing calories per person from beverages nationally by 20%. In fact, we’re in the fourth consecutive year of calorie declines, with the largest single-year decline coming in 2020 while overall sales volume increased. We’re also making significant progress in calorie reductions in five local communities where the challenge is greatest.

Through our ongoing partnerships with public health groups and community organizations, families are empowered to make the choices that are best for them.

Casa Familiar in San Ysidro, Calif., provides community ambassadors with virtual nutrition workshops and training opportunities on how best to promote health and wellness.

Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids (PARK) in Little Rock, Ark., offers nutrition classes that teach students about healthy eating options, including proper portion sizes, lower-calorie foods and beverage options with less sugar.

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East River Family Strengthening Collaborative in Washington, D.C., empowers families, youth and seniors to become more self-sufficient through integrated and collaborative community-based services. They offer low- and zero-sugar beverage tastings at their nutrition and wellness events.